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fundus n : (anatomy) the base of a hollow organ or that part farthest from its opening; "the uterine fundus" [also: fundi (pl)]

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From fundus (bottom).


  1. the large, hollow part of an organ farthest from an opening; especially
    1. the top, hollow portion of the uterus and
    2. the back, interior part of the eye: the retina and associated blood vessels, etc.
    3. the uppermost curve of the stomach



Cognates include Sanskrit बुध्न, Ancient Greek πυθμήν, and Old English botm (English bottom).




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Fundus (Latin for "bottom") is a generic anatomical term referring to the portion of an organ opposite from its opening. Examples include:
Fundus (seabed) The seabed in a tidal river below low water mark. This can be owned by the foreshore owner (area between high and low water mark) and may require permission and rent if used for laying a mooring or putting down crab or lobster pots.
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